About Us

Embrace love outer wear was founded by Donal Rice in Early 2019. During this time he was going through a battle of giving love but not receiving it. Donal started the brand as a way to spread love on a broader spectrum to those who may feel like they are giving love but not receiving it. 

Embrace Love Mission is to spread love through fashion. We focus on luxury design and pieces that give our customers the confidence and ability to love self. We are firm believers in "when you look good you feel good". Not only do we focus on the luxury in our pieces, we focus on uniqueness and exclusiveness within each design. Each one of our collections and pieces are uniquely designed with love for our customers. We are big on exclusiveness in making sure to never drop the same collection and or piece more then once. 

We pride our selves in customer satisfaction, we guarantee superior customer service and proper communication. 

 "When your love change, your life changes" .  - Donal Rice